Strategic Planning

“For Our Children”
Adopted May 31, 2011

Two Basic Goals

  1. Educate community about Foundation
  2. Generate funds to maintain and grow Foundation

Strategies for Goal 1

  • Use social events to generate knowledge
  • District Web Page – Maintain and update web page – Make prominent on web page
  • Use College Nights to inform guests
  • Use 6th Grade Parent Night to inform
  • Use Open Houses and Kindergarten Round-Up
  • Mail Letter to Alumni
  • Use Harmony email to inform about deadlines

Strategies Goal 2

  • Ask for donation with Alumni letter
  • Ask for donations at social events
  • General Fundraising at ball games, Education Foundation sponsored events (Father/Daughter dance & Chili Cook off)
  • Fun events at sporting events
  • Have a fundraising event in which students call community members to ask for donations much like the universities.

Road Blocks

  • Getting organized
  • Generating Volunteers
  • Bookkeeping procedures at events
  • Assigning duties to committee members
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