Name Job Title Building
Bara, Shannon Secretary Boone Grove Middle School
Batesole, Tonia Director of Food Services Porter Township School Corporation
Boone, Matthew Dean of Students Boone Grove Middle School
Bowman, Melissa Secretary Boone Grove Elementary
Broton, Lisa Treasurer Boone Grove Middle School
Bult, Linda HR Coordinator/Custodian Porter Township School Corporation
Busse, Bryan Director of Facilities Annex
Cain, Nick Assistant Director of Facilities Annex
Campagna, Tiffany Librarian Boone Grove Middle School
Corman, Clay Principal Boone Grove High School
Donnell, Kevin Principal Porter Lakes Elementary
Garcia, Lillian Secretary Porter Lakes Elementary
Gibbs, Jennifer Guidance Counselor Boone Grove High School
Ivanyo, Edward Principal Boone Grove Elementary
Krause, Karen Secretary Boone Grove High School
Kassner, Pam Social Worker Porter Lakes Elementary
Kegebein, Christina Librarian/State Reporting Boone Grove Elementary
Kenning, Tamara Guidance Counselor Boone Grove Elementary
Kiger, Lisa Director of Nursing Boone Grove Middle School
Moreno, Tami Secretary Boone Grove High School
Hall, Gina School Nurse Boone Grove High School
Magurany, Carol Secretary Porter Lakes Elementary
Mucha, Kristin Director of Early Learning/Assistant Principal Porter Lakes Elementary
Parrish, Benjamin Assistant Superintendent Porter Township School Corporation
Powell, Lexii Cybersecurity Analyst/IT Asset Manager Porter Township School Corporation
Rosinia, James Assistant Principal Boone Grove High School
Rowland, Loretta Cafeteria Manager Boone Grove Middle School
Russell, Joshua Athletic Director Porter Township School Corporation
Saco, Melissa Athletic Secretary Boone Grove High School
Saroukos, Carrie Cafeteria Manager Porter Lakes Elementary
Sarnowski, Stanley Treasurer Boone Grove High School
Schmidt, Stacey Superintendent Porter Township School Corporation
Scott, Laura Executive Assistant Porter Township School Corporation
Sherman, Kathy Media Specialist Boone Grove High School
Sherwin, Kim Maintenance Clerk Annex
Skoda, Mike Director of Technology Porter Township School Corporation
Smith, Kathleen CFO/Corporation Treasurer Porter Township School Corporation
Spicknall, Michael IT Specialist Porter Township School Corporation
Vale, Angela Deputy Treasurer Porter Township School Corporation
Weir, Ann Cafeteria Manager Boone Grove High School
Wotherspoon, Jessica BGMS Principal Boone Grove Middle School
Zormier, Judith Nurse Porter Lakes Elementary
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