Special Education

Porter Township School Corporation Special Education Department

Porter Township School Corporation (PTSC) strives to prepare our children to realize their fullest potential as lifelong learners and vibrant contributors to our community through programs, staff, and systems of the highest quality. We desire for EVERY student, EVERY day, to reach their fullest potential. This is true for ALL of our students–including students with special needs.

Porter Township School Corporation is part of an Interlocal (Porter County Education Services) to provide comprehensive services to our students. 

Porter County Education Services (PCES) employs our Director of Special Education.

Porter Township School Corporation provides academic instruction and support services to students with special needs through special education teachers and instructional aides employed by Porter Township School Corporation.

We provide additional services to students in partnership with PCES including:

  • Education Evaluation to determine eligibility for special education and related services (ages 3+)
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • Blind and Low Vision
  • Related services including:
    • Speech and Language
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Physical Therapy
    • Assistive Technology
    • Functional Behavioral Assessments


If you believe your child may have a disability, the first place to start is with your child’s teacher. Set up a meeting to discuss your child’s needs and the options available to best meet their needs. Often the first step is working in the classroom with some interventions to help strengthen weak areas. An evaluation by a multi-disciplinary team may be recommended based on your child’s responses to those interventions. A team will meet together to discuss your concerns and gain permission for the evaluation.


Indiana First Steps assists Indiana families from birth to age three. First Steps helps families as they support their children to meet developmental milestones physically, emotionally, with speech, and in cognitive development. To get started with First Steps, you can fill out this form. You can also access the Indiana First Steps website here: Indiana First Steps

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