iPad Repair Info


Students will be given the option of purchasing a case from the school for $35.00, or purchasing a case with equal or greater protection.  The majority of damaged iPads that we receive are cracked screens as a result of dropping the device.  Securing the iPad in a case at all times will greatly increase the odds of not damaging the device if dropped.  Any damage caused to an iPad not in a case will result in the student incurring the full cost of the repairs.  Students found with their iPads not in a case will be reported and may be fully responsible for any future damage.

Lost, Stolen, Non-Repairable Damage

If the iPad is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair as a result of irresponsible behavior, the student may be held responsible for the full replacement cost of $299.00.  Examples of irresponsible behaviors include, but are not limited to, intentionally damaging the device, jail breaking the device, leaving the device unattended, leaving the device in an unsecured area or unlocked vehicle.  The student will be held responsible for the full replacement cost of the device should it be stolen, lost, or damaged as a result of these types of behavior.

Accidental Damage To iPad

Any extreme damage to the iPad must be reported to school authorities immediately to avoid further damage to the device.  Students not reporting the damage immediately will be held responsible for the entire cost of repairing the device if the device becomes unrepairable due to not being repaired earlier.  Should it be determined that the damage to the iPad was accidental, and the iPad was properly secured in an approved case, the following process will take place.

  •     Student will be issued a loaner iPad while the device is repaired.  Student is responsible for the full cost of the repair or full cost of replacement (Up to $299.00) should the device be beyond repair.  Repeated accidental damage claims may result in iPad restrictions or loss of take home privileges.  (See table of estimated repair costs)

Estimated iPad Repair Costs

Damage TypeEstimated Cost
Screen Digitizer$119.99
Screen LCD$199.99
WIFI Antenna$80.99
Home Button$80.99
Loud Speaker$80.99
Rear Camera$71.99
Front Camera$71.99
Battery Swap$74.95
Headphone Jack$71.99
Water Damage Device Recovery$54.95
Mute Button$74.95
Volume Button$74.95
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