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Topic Department Phone
Assistant Director of Facilities, Nick Cain Annex Building 219-477-5485, x3302
Assistant Superintendent, Ben Parrish Administration Building 219-477-4933, x1000
Athletic Director, James Rosinia BGHS - Athletic Department 219-306-8600, x2222
Athletic/Attendance Secretary, Sandy Pauer BGHS - Athletic Department 219-306-8600, x2217
BG Complex Food Services Manager, Teresa Piccirilli BGE/BGMS - Cafeteria 219-462-1032, x3200
BG Complex Principal, Robert Lichtenberger BGE/BGMS - Principal 219-462-1032, x3110
BG Complex School Nurse, Michelle Sutton BGE/BGMS - Health Services 219-464-4828, x3888
BG Complex Treasurer, Karie Lukas BGMS - Main Office 219-464-4828, x4001
BGE Media Aide, Lisa Broton BGE - Media Center 219-462-1032, x4119
BGE Receptionist/Secretary, Annie Blanchard BGE - Main Office 219-462-1032, x4000
BGHS Assistant Principal, Ed Ivanyo BGHS - Assistant Principal 219-306-8600, x2000
BGHS Food Services Director, Jessica Holmquest BGHS - Cafeteria 219-306-8600, x2141
BGHS Food Services Manager, Tonia Batesole BGHS - Cafeteria 219-306-8600, x2140
BGHS Guidance Counselor, Kelly Johnson BGHS - Guidance 219-306-8600, x2231
BGHS Guidance Counselor, Mallory Horvat BGHS - Guidance 219-306-8600, x2234
BGHS Guidance Secretary, Janell Stone BGHS - Guidance 219-306-8600, x2232
BGHS Media Specialist, Kathy Sherman BGHS - Media Center 219-306-8600, x2246
BGHS Principal, Clay Corman BGHS - Principal 219-306-8600, x2000
BGHS Secretary, Kathy Lis BGHS - Main Office 219-306-8600, x2000
BGHS Treasurer, Norma Martin BGHS - Treasurer 219-306-8600, x2230
BGMS Counselor, Jennifer Gibbs BGMS - Guidance Department 219-464-4828, x3114
BGMS Media Aide, Tiffany Campagna BGMS - Media Center 219-464-4828, x3150
BGMS Secretary, Karen Krause BGMS - Main Office 219-462-1032, x3003
Business Manager/Treasurer, Aline Busse Administration Building 219-477-4933, x1103
Computer Technician, Blake Howard Technology 219-507-0510, x2153
Computer Technician, Dawn Gillespie Technology 219-507-0510, x2163
Deputy Treasurer, Linda Bult Administration Building 219-477-4933, x1103
Director of Facilities Administrative Assistant, Omi Suiter Annex Building 219-477-5485, x3300
Director of Facilities, Bryan Busse Annex Building 219-477-5485, x3666
Director of Nursing, Jamie Coffin BGHS - Health Services 219-306-8600, x2888
PLE Food Services Manager, Michelle McCoy PLE - Cafeteria 219-507-0509, x5200
PLE School Principal, Kevin Donnell PLE - Principal 219-306-8076, x5000
PLE Secretary, Lillian Garcia PLE - Main Office 219-476-3455, x5003
PLE Secretary/Treasurer, Carol Magurany PLE - Main Office 219-476-3455, x5002
Project Care Coordinator, Kim Cobban BGHS - Project Care 219-306-8600, x2159
School Advisor, Pam Kassner BGE/PLE - School Advisor 219-462-1032, x4118
Secretary to the Superintendent, Linda Dusek Administration Building 219-477-4933, x1000
Superintendent, Dr. Stacey Schmidt Administration Building 219-477-4933, x1000
Systems Administrator, Mike Skoda Technology 219-477-4933, x2155
Transportation Department, Debbie Crouch Bus Barn 219-306-8074, x3800
Vocational Culinary Arts - Glen Buford BGHS 219-476-3455, x2162
Vocational Culinary Arts - Heidi Harbaugh BGHS 219-476-3455, x2161