New Horizons: How it Works

Grading scale

Odysseyware Course Grade – 80%

Your course grade is a combination of your lesson and test scores

  •  Lesson Scores 80%
  •  Test Scores 20%

Notes: 5%

There are criteria that we will follow to grade the notes portion of your final grade.

  • 5%: notes are organized, there are a minimum of 10 bullet points for each lesson as well as a summary for each lesson
  • 2.5%: notes are organized, there are at most 4 bullet points for each lesson, there are occasional summaries for each lesson
  • 0%: there are no bullet points or summaries given for the lessons

Attendance: 15%

Attendance is essential to your success and will be counted towards your final grades for your classes.

  • 15%: 0-2 days of school are missed per quarter
  • 7.5%: 3-4 days of school are missed per quarter
  • 0%: 5 or more days of school are missed per quarter

Being Successful with New Horizons

Attend School on a Regular Basis (95% Attendance Rate)

  •  You won’t complete lessons if you are not here

Effective Time Management

  • Your session is only 3 hours, focus and work hard


  • When you are having trouble, ask for help

Take Ownership

  • Your effort and behavior are up to you, YOU are in control of what you choose to do

Make Progress Each Day

  • Use your pacing guides to monitor your progress in class and stay on track to achieve your goals
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