iPad Buyback (2019)

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) 

How many devices are for sale?

We have 583 devices.

What model are the iPads?

iPad Air 1st Generation 16GB Space Gray Wi-Fi Only

When are the bids due?

We must receive a sealed bid on July 8, 2019 before 3:00 PM CT.

How long have they been in service?

3 years

How were the devices used?

They were used by our students and staff as a part of our 1:1 initiative.

Were they kept in cases?

Yes, all iPads were required to be kept in a case of the student’s choosing. Most of them were the STM Dux cases.

Will the iPads be in boxes when coming for pickup?

Yes, all iPads will be packed up in the 10-pack boxes they originally shipped in from Apple. If you would prefer your own packaging, you may still use your own boxes instead.

Will they be sold with cases?

No, because the students purchase their own the cases.

Can you provide some sample serial numbers?


Are the iPads all in working condition?

Yes, all the iPads should be working.

Are the iPads located in multiple locations or one?

They are all at one location.

Do we have a loading dock?


What is your preferred evaluation method?

We strongly prefer flat-rate based pricing per device without grading/evaluation involved, but feel free to give us both types of pricing in your bid.

Will all devices be working if we use flat-rate pricing?

Yes, any device that is sold will be inspected by us to make sure they are working condition. You may also inspect them.
Please note: Once the purchase has been made, the device condition is no longer our responsibility.

Who will perform the evaluation of the devices if we require one?

We will not be performing any evaluations as it must be done by the winning company on our site.

When will the equipment be ready for pickup?

As soon as the awarded bid is selected at our board meeting

Are the devices engraved?


Do the devices have asset tags?


How many chargers & cords will be included with the iPads?

None, we will not be including any chargers & cords and must not face any penalties on your bid because of this.

If any devices are found to be password protected or otherwise locked after pickup, will the school system assist the winning vendor in unlocking them?


How many devices should the 10% bid security be based on?

It should be based on a flat rate for 583 devices.

When will the remaining 90% need to be paid?

Payment will be expected before or the day of the devices being picked up.

What will happen to the bid security if we don’t win?

The bid security will be returned via mail.

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